Tarom Innovative Technologies Ltd. is a young private portfolio company, focusing on break-through innovations in life sciences.

Tarom Innovative seeks, invests in and manage high added-value technologies, products and inventions in a wide spectrum of healthcare-related fields, including new chemical entities, novel biologics, diagnostics and medical devices.

We are mainly interested in cutting edge early-stage projects that show promise in relevant models or biological assays.

Our investment policy is based on the invention uniqueness, market potential, competitiveness, and whether it answers an unmet need or adds significant value over existing similar products and technologies. We strongly value good chemistry with the inventors and researchers and appreciate the level of science demonstrating the invention’s feasibility.

We build start-up companies around the selected projects and provide funds, management, product development at the pre-clinical and clinical phases, networking and business development. By that, we aim to establish a strong foundation for each of our daughter companies, making these highly attractive and fully capable of independent growth.

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